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My Moving Check List

Print out the moving checklist below or save it to your phone so you have it handy as you start the packing and moving process. 

Moving Checklist


Make an inventory of your household items and begin removing clutter. Start with the attic, basement, garage, and other storage areas.

We suggest that you purchase ratchet straps (4-8 per 16’ container) and TV boxes. 

Pro-Tip recommendations include cloth moving blankets. 

Materials can be purchased at a variety of locations including our website.

Pack your valuables and essentials separately and plan on keeping these items with you. Gather your personal and family records including medical, dental, veterinary and school records, legal and financial documents, birth certificates, passports, insurance documents, Jewelry, cash, etc.… to keep with you.

Color code any items that may not be going with you or of little importance. Pro-Tip use sticky notes or colored painting tape.

Label boxes to make unloading easy. Pro-Tip label the side of the box instead of the top.

Perishable items are not permitted in containers. Please consult your container company’s rental agreement for a list of prohibited items.

Make sure all the following items are set aside so they are not accidently loaded into your container: money, jewelry, furs, firearms, ammunition, computer software or programs, credit cards, and other invaluable or irreplaceable items. 

Drain your power equipment of oil and gas.

Dispose of any flammable or corrosive chemicals (cleaning supplies).

Disconnect all electronics (computers, appliances, cable boxes, etc.).

Empty, defrost, and clean your refrigerator and freezer at least 24 hours before moving day. (Freezers may take more time). Pro-Tip use coffee beans to mitigate any unwanted odors.

Take any pictures, mirror, or TVs off walls. Pack & Load Services cannot disconnect fixtures from the home.

Disconnect and prepare your major appliances for moving. Pack & Load Services cannot disconnect water or gas lines. (Washer, Dryer, Fridge, Freezer, Ice Makers, etc.….) Pro-Tip use a stabilizer kit for Washer and dryers to secure them during transit.

Finish packing all your household items. If you need assistance Pack & Load Services is available to help.

Be sure you have plenty of water and snacks for the moving crew.

Be sure to provide protection for flooring, doors, banisters, and door frames during the move. Pro-Tip used cardboard makes excellent floor protection because it is affordable, versatile, and provides excellent protection.

Make sure the entry ways and driveway are clear of clutter, allowing the Pack & Load Service crew a safe and effective entry and exit while working. (if snowing or inclement weather, do your best to clear a path to the container).

Make sure to keep pets and children away from the container during loading to avoid any unnecessary obstacles during loading.

Be sure you make a “parts” hardware box, so no hardware is lost during the move. Plan as to where the “parts” box will be loaded in the container.

Pack a box of items that you will need right away at your new home and label this box “load last” place this box closest to the container door so that you can access it right away.

Make sure the containers contents are tied down and secured for transit.

Do a closing walk through check every room, cabinet, closet, and attic one last time before deciding everything is loaded.

Close the container door and secure it with a lock. Make sure to save the key so you can open the container upon unloading.

Create a floor plan of your new home for furniture and appliance placement. To make unloading simple and smooth.

After unloading take a deep breath and enjoy your new home!