Red Rover Fetchable Storage Unit Loading

Let the Experts at Pack and Load Services Load it Right the First Time

Not sure how to get the most into your fetchable storage unit? Worried that items may shift around in transit and be damaged? Just don’t want to move the heavy stuff?

With thousands and thousands of fetchable storage unit pack and loads to our credit, we know how to securely load your belongings, so the items won’t shift during transit while at the same time maximizing your investment by using all available space in the unit. By keeping a careful eye on what can be “stacked” and combining that with our knowledge of professional loading techniques, you can be assured that your investment will be maximized and your goods secure.

Red Rover Fetchable Storage Unit Unloading

Just as important to securely packing and loading your fetchable storage unit is the time and attention saved by using our unloading services. Whether you are retrieving one item or everything in your fetchable unit, let us help you make the task safe and simple.

Our experienced team will professionally unload your items and place them wherever you direct. From re-assembling a bed, to a grand piano we can handle it all. Spend your time designing the layout and placement preferences for your items and let us do the “heavy lifting” and clean-up of packing material.

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Pack and Load Offers the Following Services For Your Fetchable Storage Container:


We’ll help you securely load for transit and unwrap and return everything to its rightful place upon arrival!

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Our packing experts will make sure your goods are boxes and protected and safe for transport.


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We can help pack and move special items that need special attention…like pianos, artwork, crystal and special items.


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We provide equipment and supplies so that your move can be effective and efficient.


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